We launched Vinny40 at the beginning of 2014, and today we are proud to announce that The Vinny Lecavalier Foundation website is being honored by the Interactive Media Awards (IMA) for it’s outstanding development and design in the category of Advocacy.

“As a Tampa native myself, I am very familiar with both Vinny’s career and his charitable foundation,” said Erin Cummings, Webonise Creative Director. “The Vincent Lecavalier Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorder Center has shared so much with its community, and I am extremely proud that Webonise had the opportunity to create a platform where the foundation’s achievements can be shared with the world.”

The Interactive Media Awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and honors the individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement. The competition is an initiative to uphold websites, who have set the bar high for excellence across the web.

"We are very happy with the website, and this recognition confirms that we made the right choice when we decided to go with Webonise," said Genevieve Bale, Executive Director for The Vincent Lecavalier Foundation.

Vinny40 was critiqued using five specific criteria, with a score of 0-100 awarded for each criterion. The site received a total of 474 of the possible 500 points. Our scores were marked as follows:

Feature functionality: 100/100

Content: 98/100

Design 94/100

Usability and Standards Compliance: 91/100

Vinny40, is a digital representation of Vinny Lecavalier providing an easy portal for both his hockey fans and foundation supporters. The recently launched site, now accentuates not only Vinny’s charitable acts with the Lecavalier Foundation but also his equally impressive accomplishments as a hockey player.

“The ability to excel in a well-respected competition, like IMA, represents our commitment to delivering not only high quality projects but award winning ones,” said Earnest Gonzales, the project’s contributing designer stated. “We didn’t see this one coming but it sure is a blessing! It is definitely a privilege to be a part of this project.”

Philosophy Behind the Build

The philosophy behind building the site was honed through a very thorough engagement with our client. We were fortunate enough to meet the whole Lecavalier family, which was a huge advantage as we developed a better perspective on how to effectively represent their brand using technology as the platform. You can read more about the build in our site launch blog: Redefining the Standard for Athlete Foundations.

Two Dimensions in One

The idea behind the site was to create a solution to highlight both sides of Lecavalier’s passions equally. What we came up with was a two part seamless website, with Vinny front and center but equally involved in both dimensions of sports and advocacy.

Excellence Takes Precedence

Our work on Vinny40 was challenging because we faced an issue that is not easily solved by simple design iteration: How to equally represent both an athlete and a philanthropist in one site. The final website design was very simple and clean but solved the dilemma in the most seamless way possible. To be recognized for this project gets us even more fired up about the projects we’re working on! And it only means one thing: Here at Webonise Lab, excellence takes precedence. We not only deliver what is due, but we deliver what we think is best.

Thank you Interactive Media Council for recognizing the work that the Webonise Lab team put into Vinny40!

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