Webonise Lab Wins for ‘Emerging Engineering Excellence” During the Indira Innovation Summit

Last week Webonise took part in the 7th International Innovation Summit organized by the Indira College of Engineering & Management. Participants from across the country were invited to discuss their company’s journey, making a point to highlight the importance of both innovation and practical business knowledge in our marketplace.

To top it off, we brought home the ‘Emerging Engineering Excellence’ award, confirming our solid position in the Indian innovators market. Our primary focus is to ensure optimum levels of creativity and sophistication within each and every one of our projects, and no doubt our team deserves a big congrats for achieving this time and time again.

“It’s no secret that this job requires a lot of hard work, dedication and passion," said Webonise Lab’s CMO, Saurav Mishra. "Our entire team deserves the credit for this award. It is thanks to their tireless efforts that we continue to build great products and consequently a great company."

We pride ourselves on the ability to grow and adapt to the meet the needs of a changing market, while maintaining a fundamentally sound view on doing builds the right way. We think these fundamentals are reflected in the staff we hire and clients that we take on. Join Us!

Webonise certainly appreciates every opportunity to be publicly recognized for consistently demonstrating innovative work, so we thank Indira for taking the time to do so.

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