“Life is measured by how many lives you have enlightened…”

At Webonise, we take every opportunity to give back . Its about instilling a culture of giving back and doing good within the corners of Webonise and also to our community. This is why the Webonise “We Care” initiative was born. We Care is the reflection of our desire to support those who need it most. We Care is our own way of saying, “Someone still cares.”


Webonise We Care


Our first We Care project for 2015 was held during the Republic Day of India. Instead of spending money on festivities at our Pune office to celebrate this wonderful day, we spent the day at the Kinara Old Age Home.

We were hoping to bring smiles to the elders at Kinara but instead they brought smiles to us. Kinara Old Age Home, “a shelter for helpless old parents and home for mentally retarded and abandoned,” was founded by Preeti Vaidya 8 years ago. What started out with 3 members has now grown into a community of 44. Despite going through a lot of struggles to keep the shelter running, Preeti made sure that her vision of “reaching out to all helpless, abandoned, bed-ridden people and serving them with love and care” was fulfilled. Her dedication to support elders who no longer gets support from their families kept Kinara going. Over the years, the mission has shifted from a simple shelter to a nurturing home for those most in need.


Some of the elders of Kinara Old Age home along with Webonisers who attended the event.


When we first heard about Kinara, Preeti’s story touched our hearts. We knew that this was where we wanted to first launch We Care. We presented it to our team at Pune, and they were all very happy to contribute to the cause. We were able to collect and donate daily household consumables that can last for 4 months and INR 100000 cash to aid in renovating the home and buying additional beds, medications, etc.


VP of HR & Culture Sachidanand Kulkarni, VP Engineering Vijay Kumbhar and Creative Director Nayan Deshmukh with Preeti Vaidya - Founder of Kinara Old Age Home and Mr. Sudhir Mishra



VP of HR & Culture Sachidanand Kulkarni providing a few words of encouragements during the event.

Spearheading the effort was VP of HR & Culture Sachidanand Kulkarni, who was accompanies by several other webonisers. Kulkarni presented the donation to the community of Kinara Old Age Home on Jan. 26, 2014 as our own way of celebrating Republic Day of India. It was a humbling day filled with hope as we witnessed firsthand how Preeti took care of the elders and how they treat her as their own daughter.

webo 3

All smiles for our Webonisers as we handover our donations to the people at Kinara.


Spending Republic Day at Kinara was a great way to kick off 2015. It gave us renewed energy and motivation to do good. We Care doesn’t stop here - more projects and programs are sure to follow. Thank you to the people of Kinara, especially to Preeti, for the warm welcome and appreciation of our offerings.

Touch the lives of others. Enlighten as many hearts as possible. Join us in our cause to do good and spread the love of sharing and caring. To learn more and support Kinara Old Age home, please visit their website: kinara.org.  

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