We are very pleased to announce the launch of our latest collaboration with White Oaks Resort. White Oaks Resort, the first of our clients in the travel and leisure industry, is a remarkable testament to how good communication can lead to a successful product. It is wonderful to receive accolades for the work we put in, and we are humbled and excited to announce that this week White Oaks Resort was awarded BEST WEBSITE from the Canadian E-Tourism Awards.  As an individually owned property this is a huge accomplishment and we are honored to be a part of their success.

White Oaks Resorts is a luxury hotel resort and spa facility located at the very heart of the Niagara area attractions in Canada. Julie Lepp, White Oaks Director of Marketing, and Jason Dwyer, White Oaks Interactive Designer, came to us with a very clear picture of what they envisioned for the website: A club schedule with calendar functionalities and a commerce system that fits seamlessly into their new, responsive website design.

“The team at Webonise was quick to respond to all of our needs. They understood what we wanted and helped us present our very extensive fitness classes in a new way,” said Jason Dwyer, Interactive Designer at White Oaks. “Functionality now allows club members to choose what types of classes they wish to see, what date they want to view or plan for and of course, automatically book the class in our system and add it to their calendars. Making it easy for club members to view, select and book their classes on whatever device they choose to access our site on was a key element to the club section of the new site.”

The design that Jason referred to is simple and uncluttered with clean lines and distinct colors to suit the interface. We provided an interface that allows White Oaks users to view and search for the schedule of classes offered each day with the ability to export the classes they choose and add them to their personal calendar.

White Oaks Resort Old Club Schedule Design

Old Club schedule

White Oaks Resort New Club Schedule Design

Club Schedule[Laptopview]

We also designed an admin section that lets White Oaks Staff manage the colors associated with various calendars. They now have the liberty to assign a color for each calendar thus organizing content even further. The calendar is capable of exporting these details to Google, iCal and Outlook.

To ensure that data can be updated in a less cumbersome manner, the data for the White Oaks Resort Calendar is managed by a White Oaks Staff Google Calendar. Access to the website’s CMS is no longer needed, which means that the probability of mistakenly altering a different part of the website instead of the calendar is near to none.

Another section of the website that we were able to work on was the e-commerce system. We installed the shopping cart system and configured it to their theme while also connecting it to Paypal for payment processing.

White Oaks Resort Old Wedding Form

Old Wedding FormWhite Oaks Resort New Wedding Form

New Wedding Form [laptop view]

We also implemented a form, which will be used to gather leads for people who are interested in White Oaks as a wedding venue.


“We really didn't encounter any issues at all,” said Courtney Prebble, Webonise PM and client facing contact for White Oaks project. “I look back on this project so fondly. For me it really is a textbook example of both a great client relationship and excellent teamwork.”


Our team at Webonise had a great time working with Julie and Jason, although it was a small project, we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful people.


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