Suleiman Leadbitter says,

“Design trends change more often than the wind, and slightly less often than my socks.”

Design trends are changing a lot along with user expectations, concerns, issues, etc. Today web users are rearing towards out-of-the-box fun and attention-grabbing design. This is where the power of Parallax Scrolling shines through.


Parallax Scrolling is one of the hottest trends in web design today. It has done a lot of wonders in the realm of website design and development, making users engage and interact more than ever. If you are planning to incorporate this in your current projects, there are some things that you should know:

What is Parallax?

“Parallax is creative thinking made visible.”

Parallax scrolling is an innovative technique in website design whereby the background images are set at a different scrolling speed, than the foreground images.


When should I use Parallax? And why?

To tell a story

One of the best things about parallax scrolling is that it engages with users without requiring much work. All they have to do is scroll down or up. It works best for storytelling because it shows content chronologically. Some examples of websites using parallax scrolling to tell their stories are:

Epic Journey: Life of Pi



In this website, the story plot is laid out in the same way as the movie. Additional information for every important scene is provided on the site, giving a glimpse into how each part was filmed or digitally produced. Beware: this site may be a major spoiler!



Peugeot is a story about a graphic novel hero on a mission. To be successful, she has to travel between 4 different travel modes, each presented in a unique way!

To showcase your product

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”. - Seth Godin

The best products are those that are built upon the requirements and demands of its intended customer base. When you use parallax scrolling for your ecommerce site, you have the ability to control the user’s experience on the site.  Use this to your advantage! Highlight a certain feature, or zoom in on a particular detail. Here’s a great example:


Pencil by FiftyThree



All right,  it’s undeniable that this product is just beautifully designed. Using parallax scroll to showcase it made sure users stayed on the site. Notice how focused you become. There are no buttons that will distract you from the product details, and there are only two actions you need to choose: scroll down or scroll back up.




Sometimes, 3D is simply the best way to showcase your product! Provide a full 360-view of your product using parallax scrolling and voila: your ecommerce site ready!

 To keep users engaged

“People ignore design that ignores people” - Frank Chimero

Engagement is a vital metric for every website. If you haven’t noticed yet, parallax scrolling has a seemingly magic spell that compels users to scroll down. Parallax scrolling piques the curiosity of the user; they can’t help but scroll to see everything the site offers.





OnlyCoin uses parallax scrolling to showcase its many user feature and benefits.

Make your Money Matter



This is a variation of parallax scrolling. At the beginning, instead of the scrolling down feature, the screen moves sideways. This is a website I really enjoy! The graphics and the transition effects are superbly well thought of.

To stand out from the crowd

All designs may be good, but only a few are truly unique. Parallax scrolling, although becoming increasingly popular, does not always suite design needs. But if it works for your website, you will surely stand out. Below are some examples:


Flat Design VS Realism



When flat design took over the world of digital design, it was highlighted as a brilliant hands-on adventure by an interactive agency InTacto.

Sony Be Moved



Parallax Scrolling + Animation = Awesome Website! Sony has an extensive line of digital products. They feature mobile phones, digital cameras and mp3 players all on one page. This is a big challenge, but with the use of parallax scrolling, it was beautifully executed.


Ankita Pawar - Webonise Frontend Developer


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